The hotest golfcourses on Bali

February 20, 2024

Welcome to Indonesia, a stunning spot in Southeast Asia with countless volcanic islands, renowned for its beautiful beaches, towering volcanoes, and surprisingly fantastic golf courses.

Now, let's dive into the heart of Bali, where not one, not two, but 4 exceptional golf courses await to transform your golfing dreams into reality. Picture this – a golfing paradise with an average temperature of 27.5 degrees Celsius throughout the year, making Bali the ultimate destination for  golf passionated.

Begin a golfing journey in Bali, where beautifully trimmed fairways are surrounded by lush greenery.

It's like a chill spot where you can immerse yourself in nature and culture without a care in the world.

Let's tee off our golf journey with a glance at these fantastic courses:

  1. Bali National Golf Club: Nestled in Nusa Dua's resort area, this PGA tour-worthy gem promises an unforgettable golfing experience. From exceptional fairways to magnificent fairway bunkers, each detail, from flowers to trees and water reserves, is meticulously designed and impeccably maintained. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, Nusa Penida Island, and the majestic Gunung Agung volcano. Accompanied by experienced caddies, this course is played with a golf cart, ensuring an exceptional golf memory.The course, par 71, offers 4 different starting options:
    • Black / Championship: 6,947 yards / 6,352 meters
    • Blue / Tournament: 6,226 yards / 5,693 meters
    • White / Resort: 5,712 yards / 5.223 meters
    • Red / Ladies: 4,880 yards / 4,462 meters
  2. New Kuta Golf: A magnificent "Championship" course situated in the southern part of the island, offering a thrilling challenge with long fairways and fast greens. Designed by Ronald Fream, David Dale & Kevin Ramsey, this course boasts a "links" section with three cliff-edge holes providing breathtaking views of Balangan and Dreamland beaches. Professional caddies accompany you throughout this extraordinary experience, making it a must-try during your golfing holidays.The course offers 5 starting options:
    • Monkey Tee / Blacks: 7,341 yards / 6713 meters
    • Tiger Tee / Golds: 6,855 yards / 6268 meters
    • Cobra Tee / Blues: 6,400 yards / 5852 meters
    • Dragon Tee / Whites: 5,910 yards / 5403 meters
    • Eagle Tee / Reds: 5,377 yards / 4917 meters
  3. Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club: This 18-hole par 3 course, with lengths ranging from 107 to 223 meters, transforms you into an iron-hitting expert. Designed by Bob Moore and located on the southern part of the island, this course offers awe-inspiring views of the Indian Ocean. With the option to play 18 or 27 holes, the real expert caddies make reading the greens a breeze, helping you focus on every golfer's goal – avoiding those dreaded 3 putts!The 18 holes that make up the course and therefore make it a par 54, offer 3 starting options:
    • Blacks: 3,026 yards / 2,767 meters
    • Ors: 2,652 yards / 2,425 meters
    • Blue: 2,253 yards / 2,060 meters
  4. Handara Golf & Resort Bali: A golf course seamlessly blending with the mountains and nature, offering views of some of the most scenic holes in Bali. The experience begins with a journey to an altitude of 1,400 meters in the Balinese mountains, surrounded by valleys, rice terraces, and mystical mists on Lake Beratan. Accompanied by caddies with years of experience, this course is played with a golf cart, or for the more adventurous, there's the option for "fit golf" – tackling the course on foot.There are 3 starting options:
    • Blue: 6,983 yards / 6,385 meters
    • Whites: 6,407 yards / 5,858 meters
    • Red: 5,698 yards / 5,210 meters

Not putting like a pro? No worries – let your caddy guide you, and enjoy every moment of the game and surrounding!

So, pack your golfbags and get ready for a relaxed adventure in a land where everything is simply awesome!

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